First steps

Creating applications on the tool can be summarized in simple steps that define the minimum aspects to adequately elements resulting in a 100% functional and articulate application:

  1. Install the platform and define their initials, such as configuration parameters database engine connections to desired data, application name and versioning, time zone, captcha, among others requested by the wizard. This requires that you have an web server where it can unzip the package and then run it through your browser. Including estimated download time 12 minutes.

  2. Access the application, update the super user credentials and create the first tables of data to store your information. In case you are connecting Practical with pre-existing tables will not be necessary. Estimated time for at least two test tables 7 minutes.

  3. Generates the first forms to perform operations on the tables available. This includes the addition of records, search, modify and delete them. Define the formats that are deemed necessary for each field and the basics of presentation or layout of its objects. Estimated time to two simple forms 15 minutes.

  4. Add the first reports (data tables or graphics) from the information that can fill through its forms. Estimated time to create two reports, one data table and other graphic 12 minutes.

  5. Add menu items deemed necessary to access their forms. In the case of reports you can create menu items or accessed through the default "My Reports" option. Estimated time to link forms as menu options 4 minutes

  6. Fill some test data in order to establish the correct operation of your forms and reports, explore the elaborate application. Estimated time for data entry and report viewing 6 minutes.

  7. First create a test user and assign it the appropriate permissions for you to load the form or report you want. Estimated time to creating and assigning user permissions 4 minutes.

  8. Try to access the system through the new role or defined to verify that permissions have been applied correctly according to the user selection. Estimated time 3 minutes.

  9. Go ahead with your application design and exploring the details of the tool. Variable time depending on the complexity of your application.

Detailed information about each of the processes can be found online through the video tutorials or links within the same tools presented by the application.